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Advent -A -III

By   December 12, 2019

Advent III [A] Sunday Homily: One-page Summary (L/19)  Introduction:  Today’s readings invite us to rejoice at the rebirth of Jesus in our lives as we are preparing for our annual Christmas celebration. Today is called Gaudete Sunday because today’s Mass begins with the opening antiphon: “Gaudete in Domino semper,” i.e., “Rejoice in the Lord always.”… Continue reading »

Advent A [II]

By   December 2, 2019

Advent II [A] (Dec 8) Sunday Homily: One-page summary (L-19) Introduction: On the one hand, salvation is God’s doing, and we cannot earn His blessings. We are saved by His grace. On the other hand, we must cooperate with God’s grace because God cannot force his bounty upon us. That is why John the Baptist… Continue reading »

Advent A [I]

By   November 30, 2019

HOMILY ON THE FIRST SUNDAY OF ADVENT, YEAR A READY FOR THE DAY OF THE LORD: (Is.2:2-5, Ps 121, Rom. 13:11-14 & Matt. 24:37-44) Today is the First Sunday of the Advent Season which lasts for four weeks. The word “Advent” comes from the Latin word Adventus which means “coming.” In the Christian tradition Advent… Continue reading »

Advent A [I]

By   November 27, 2019

Advent I [A] Sunday Homily: One-page Summary(L-19) Introduction: Today we begin our yearly pilgrimage through the events of our history of salvation starting with the preparation for the birthday celebration of Jesus and ending with the reflection on his glorious “second coming” as judge at the end of the world. We are entering the Advent… Continue reading »

Sunday XXXII – C

By   November 7, 2019

O.T.  32 [C] Sunday homily (Nov 10) one-page summary (L/19) Introduction: As we near the end of the Church’s liturgical year, the readings become more eschatological — having to do with the end times.  The main theme of today’s readings is the reality of life after death and of the relationship between our lives on… Continue reading »

XXI Sunday C

By   October 27, 2019

O.T. 31 [C] Sunday (November 3) Homily- One-page summary (L/19) Introduction: The common theme of today’s readings is the benevolent, compassionate and forgiving mercy of God for sinners and the response of repentance and conversion expected from us.  Scripture lessons summarized: The first reading reminds us that God’s Almighty Power includes His strength to be merciful.  That… Continue reading »

Sunday XXVII [C]

By   October 5, 2019

OT XXVII [C] Sunday Homily – One-page summary (L-19) Introduction:  All three readings for the 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time speak a lot about “Faith” and how it works in our lives. “To one who has Faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without Faith, no explanation is possible.” (St. Thomas Aquinas). It is this… Continue reading »

Sunday XXVIII [C]

By   October 5, 2019

OT XXVIII [C] Sunday Homily– One-page summary (L-19) Introduction: The central theme of today’s readings is gratitude – in particular, the expression of gratitude God expects from us. Today’s Gospel story of ‘the forgetful lepers’ presents a God Who desires gratitude from us for the many blessings we receive from Him, and Who feels pain at… Continue reading »


By   September 7, 2019

OT XXIII [C] Homily- One-page summary(L-19) Central theme: Today’s readings challenge us to the true Christian discipleship of total commitment to the will of God, putting God first in our lives.  Scripture lessons summarized: The first reading, taken from the Book of Wisdom, instructs us to ask for the gifts of discernment and strength from… Continue reading »