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Sunday XXVII [C]

By   October 5, 2019

OT XXVII [C] Sunday Homily – One-page summary (L-19) Introduction:  All three readings for the 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time speak a lot about “Faith” and how it works in our lives. “To one who has Faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without Faith, no explanation is possible.” (St. Thomas Aquinas). It is this… Continue reading »

Sunday XXVIII [C]

By   October 5, 2019

OT XXVIII [C] Sunday Homily– One-page summary (L-19) Introduction: The central theme of today’s readings is gratitude – in particular, the expression of gratitude God expects from us. Today’s Gospel story of ‘the forgetful lepers’ presents a God Who desires gratitude from us for the many blessings we receive from Him, and Who feels pain at… Continue reading »


By   September 7, 2019

OT XXIII [C] Homily- One-page summary(L-19) Central theme: Today’s readings challenge us to the true Christian discipleship of total commitment to the will of God, putting God first in our lives.  Scripture lessons summarized: The first reading, taken from the Book of Wisdom, instructs us to ask for the gifts of discernment and strength from… Continue reading »


By   August 23, 2019

OT XXI Homily on Lk 13: 22-30- one-page summary  Introduction: As he continues his fateful journey to Jerusalem, Jesus answers the question as to how many will be saved by answering how to enter into salvation and how urgent it is to strive now, before the Master closes the door. Instead of asking how many will be… Continue reading »


By   July 27, 2019

O. T. XVII Sunday homily-one-page summary Introduction: The main themes of today’s Scripture readings are the power of intercessory prayer, the Our Father as the ideal prayer, and the necessity for persistence and perseverance in prayer with trusting faith and boldness. In short, the readings teach us what to pray and how to pray. Scripture lessons summarized: The first reading, taken… Continue reading »

OT – XVI – C

By   July 12, 2019

Synopsis: OT XVI [C] Sunday Homily on Lk 10: 38-42 (L-19) Introduction: The central themes of today’s readings are the importance of hospitality in Christian life and the necessity of listening to God before acting. The key to the Christian life is setting priorities: Jesus Christ first, then everything else. The only way really to learn… Continue reading »

OT – XV – C

By   July 12, 2019

OT XV [C] Sunday Homily Introduction: The central theme of today’s Scripture readings is that we gain eternal life through loving God living in our neighbors by becoming good neighbors. Scripture lessons: The first reading, taken from Deuteronomy, reminds us that God not only gives us His Commandments in Holy Scriptures, but that they are also written… Continue reading »


By   June 27, 2019

O.T. XIV Sunday ) Homily (one-page summary) (LP)edtd Introduction: Today’s Scriptures are about announcing the Good News. They remind us that announcing the Good News of the Kingdom by words, deeds and life is not the task of only a few. Rather, it is a task for all baptized Christians. Scripture lessons: In the first… Continue reading »


By   June 27, 2019

O.T. XIII [C] Sunday Homily (one-page summary) L/19  Introduction: Today’s readings are about God’s call and man’s commitment in answer to that call. They ask for total commitment in total freedom with the spirit of patient love, saying an unconditional “Yes” to Jesus and to the Christian life as a true disciple of Christ. Scripture… Continue reading »

Corpus Christi

By   June 18, 2019

The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi) 1-page summary Importance: 1) The last two precious gifts given to us by Jesus are the Holy Eucharist as our spiritual food on Holy Thursday and Jesus’ mother Mary as our spiritual Mother on Good Friday 2) Corpus Christi is the celebration of the abiding… Continue reading »